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Meet the Team

Parveer Kaur Pandher

Co-Founder and Co-President

Parveer is a recent graduate from the University of British Columbia, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. With a deep-rooted passion for reproductive justice, she is dedicated to advocating for equitable access to menstrual products. Through her advocacy work, she strives to raise awareness and contribute to the ongoing efforts of making menstrual products more accessible for all.

Anmol Sandhu

Co-Founder and Co-President

Anmol is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying life science at McMaster University. 

Muskaan Kaur Sidhu

Vice President (External)

Muskaan is an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University majoring in Health Science. Advocating for the destigmatization of proper feminine health; she feels passionately about providing adequate menstrual supplies to those in need, raising awareness about the effects of misinformation regarding this topic in marginalized communities, and standing for equality and social justice. Muskaan's goal for the Red Badge Foundation is to extend its assistance worldwide, offering ample menstrual supplies, reducing stigma around this subject matter, and disseminating accurate information ensuring that people have access to reliable knowledge.

Anahita Seraji

Vice President (Internal)

Anahita is a fourth-year biology major at the University of British Columbia pursuing medicine. She is also a filmmaker and a women's/female's rights activist.

Nandini Kaushal

Treasurer & Head of Social Media

Nandini is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University. She is studying Health Sciences and is majoring in Population and Quantitative Health Sciences. She is a promoter of women's rights and health. 

Ratibha Kaushal

Medical Expert

Ratibha is an international medical graduate. She has passed her Canadian medical school licensing exams, MCCQE1 and NAC-OSCE, and did a post-graduate diploma in brain disorders management. Ratibha believes and works for the empowerment of women and is a promoters of women's health and well-being. 

Harleen Kaur Pandher


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